Manufacturing, distribution and technical advice on the use of our products.


PRETENSADOS DURAN S.L. founded in 1991 was one of the first companies in Badajoz for the manufacture of precast concrete, in order to meet the high demand for building materials and urbanization of the time.

PRETENSADOS DURAN S.L. It has established itself as a benchmark company in the construction sector, the diversity of precast concrete at the service of business and warehouse construction.

 Always with the aim of improving and responding to the requests of our customers and being aware of developments in the sector in terms of quality, service and innovation Pretensados ​​Duran S.L. It has developed new products for other fields such as renewable energy.

PRETENSADOS DURAN S.L. He has designed, developed and manufactured its registered support system for solar panels SOLARBLOC®, introducing the company other than the construction to diversify its business sector. The development of this new product involves the creation of an exclusive department managing this mounting system for renewable industry.

Currently the company exports its product to other markets SOLARBLOC® because it is a very adaptable exclusive material and easy to use in any geographical location.

PRETENSADOS DURAN S.L. submit their products to comply with existing regulations on prefabricated concrete and with the approval of quality according to ISO by the EQA certification.